An interview is generally an important examination that would decide your career in the industry you chose to prosper in. Today facing an interview have been worse than sitting a final examination, due to the level of competitiveness which has led to interviewers questioning to be advanced as well. Therefore among the simple questions such as “Tell about yourself” to the most complex questions like “why someone should hire you” could be judgmental questions that will decide whether you have passed or failed.

Taking the question “why should someone hire you”, let’s see how this could be answered to win over the position you have applied for.

When your interviewer have asked you this question, he or she is giving you time to “sell yourself” simply how and why would you fit in to this position or how and why are you better?

Well, if you answer this question by saying something like “I really like this job vacancy and I need a job” you have called for some trouble. You need to say why you are the best fit and how could the company benefit from you. Instead pitch it this way, “I believe I am the best fit for this position, since I have hands on experience in problem solving and in doing the job”

So, are you stopping here? No, there is a lot more that you could add to this statement.

  • Summarize your achievements that would support you in explaining why you are the best fit while creating a boarder of uniqueness to yourself in standing out from the best of the candidates.
  • Explain as to what you could do for the company. Best way is to understand the requirements of the job description and list down the ways as to how you could achieve them, along with a few qualities you have that could help you perform those tasks better.
  • It’s always better to understand the current situation of the company, this helps to sketch your answers in such a way that could easily convince the interviewers.