Organisations to day need to pay good attention to every aspect that is from inspection of the product to until and after the product is taken by the customer. Why? Certainly you must be hearing the word competition at least once a day at your work place, differentiation of your product from competitors is now the key to hold the customer in place. Today we see organisations making differences to the core product on offer, targeting new markets and segments. But what’s more important to retain customers is to concentrate in providing in a value added personalized service; this is the ultimate key to success.

Service, a simple word as it sounds has a meaning of depth when concerning the business world. This is because a good service is what a customer would expect after and before selecting the product in question.


Therefore what other reasons could be listed down which state it’s essential to differentiate the service component?

  • Organisations that offer a special service to its customers are able to be a benchmark to its competitors, which gives the organisation a better reputation and more business from new and existing customers.
  • Retention of customers and bringing them to the footing towards being brand loyal is important to keep the business going smoothly. A personalized service brings the value upon the products purchased.
  • Quality is also another factor that could be deeply looked into especially by existing customers. This is because customers tend to judge quality through the service that is generated. Sometime no matter how branded the product is, if the service quality is bad this gives a red light in the minds of the customers.
  • Increase in the level of referral customers as a result of good services provided to existing customers. This is a well added positive impression about the organisation, which is also a good marketing tool to attract more new customers.