Project Management

Feasibility Studies and Business Proposals

An organisations short-term goals or long term projects equally require planning, and control to become successful. In some cases, projects are repetitive, calling for effective project management assistance to establish an efficient system.

For our project management service, we apply our knowledge, experience, skills and techniques to ensure that your project is executed properly for the benefit of your business.

Aside from project management, we also offer feasibility studies and business proposals that are essential to determine opportunities you have for your businesses growth.

This kind of project management follows a planning, execution, monitoring and control process. Throughout the process the following areas are considered:

  • Time frame
    The time requirement to execute the project is predicted to ensure all parts of the process complete as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Cost
    Realistic likely project costs for the business are identified to ascertain whether the project is affordable/profitable for the business. If not we can advise on potential adjustments that may enable the project to become affordable/profitable.
  • Risk Management
    Risks and hazards associated with the project are identified and gauged to come up with the best approach to managing and mitigating the risks.
  • Human Resource
    Businesses human resource assets and limitations to be considered to predict whether the project benefit from your current business capability or if growth would be needed.
  • Scope and Quality
    Scope and quality of the project are ascertained to assure that it meets the goals, policies and objectives of your business/organisation.