Leadership Team

A&G Business Solutions is led by a highly experienced Leadership Team with a track record of experience and expertise in the business management consultancy field. Their key objective is to deliver a great value-added service to their clients ensuring a sustainable growth in their businesses.The team finds innovative ways that each best practice can change and add value to their clients.


Gayan Duminda Dahanayake

MBA(University of Sunderland, UK). BSc Mgt Sp(USJP), MIC, MAAT, CImA Finalist, PGDMS in EDEXCEL.

Gayan is a Director and a Business Management Consultant at A&G Business Solutions Ltd. Over the past couple of years, Gayan has benefited from many business managerial involvement through his consultancy expertise in the area of start-up businesses. Working as a Senior Accountant in the area of Business Advisory Division for Ernst & Young, and his achievement in managing of various business sectors gave him the opportunity of boosting his capability to support many businesses.

Gayan has increased and expanded his business management knowledge and experience by developing, managing and operating many businesses in the UK. He is a member of BNI( International Business Network) forum in the UK (a gathering of small to large employers and business owners). This allows him to engage with many employers and business owners from different sectors to share knowledge, experience, referrals and best practices in their respective field of businesses.

Gayan previously worked as a Senior Accountant for Ernst & Young in Sri-Lanka (2006 – 2009) in the Assurance & Business Advisory Division. During his tenure, he gained extensive knowledge and experience by advising many global client companies and board of directors on their company processes and systems (internal controls) to improve their organisational and financial performance. Gayan could identify the businesses needs in achieving their best performance by developing methodologies with the industrial focus and approach followed by Ernst & Young. He has worked for many global business clients in different industries such as Manufacturing, Hotels, Travel, Apparel, Power & Energy, Stock Brokering, Banks, BPOs & Non-Profit Organizations.

With a strong knowledge in managing his businesses, internal operations & control, he is in a strong position to provide advice, support and guidance for several start up Businesses.

Gayan has also worked as the Managing Director of Tapron Plantation Pvt Ltd in Sri-Lanka where he handled planning and control of the organization. He also used to work as a Part-Time Lecturer for External Business Management Degree at a leading Institute in Sri-Lanka (JMC).

Gayan graduated (BSc Mgt Sp – Specialized in Business Administration) at the University of Sri-Jayewardenepura Colombo, Sri-Lanka and held an MBA (2011) from the University of Sunderland UK. Gayan is a Member of Institute of Consulting in the UK (MIC). He is also a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT) and a Finalist of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (Cima). He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies in EDEXCEL.

Gayan has not only expertise in knowledge, but also has the experience to assist in a business’s growth and development. An individual with a great management & leadership skills, with much inner drive and desire to support people in many ways, and to provide a service to the society. He has a gift for helping individuals and groups by motivating and guiding them towards desired results and drive them towards the success.

Tel: 07853 924707
Email: gayan@agbusinesssolutions.co.uk



Alagiyawanna Mohottalalage Anura Gunasekara

MBA(University of Wales,UK), B.B.Mgt (Acc)Sp Hons.MIC. PGDMS in EDEXCEL.

Anura is a Director and a Business Management Consultant at A&G Business Solutions Ltd in the UK. He has worked with numerous clients as an internal audit manager in the business advisory sector of Jayasinghe & Co, a Chartered Accountancy firm in Sri-Lanka. Anura gained strong knowledge and experience in providing support for clients in advising and in helping to improve organisational internal systems and controls based on internal audit reports, for further growth and development of performance.

His strong knowledge and experience in both finance and the business management has helped him to serve many different clients in the UK. Anura has also provided management consultancy and financial solutions to many clients in the UK by helping them to improve their organizational performance. This has led to gaining more experience and knowledge of the business sector and in many different industries in the UK.

Anura previously worked for a leading Chartered Accountancy firm, Jayasinghe & Co, in Sri-Lanka (2001 – 2006). Anura has started his career as an audit senior, audit supervisor, and later become the Internal Audit Manager. During his employment, he had an opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and experience in analysing and evaluating the internal operations of different kind of businesses. He presented solutions to the clients and respective board of directors on how to improve company performance while achieving sustainable growth in the market. This broad, inclusive experience has helped him to work as a Business Management Consultant where he could help other business and companies on how to develop, sustain growth, achieve their businesses objectives and goals.

He was also the founder of an educational children’s charity organisation (Isuru Education Foundation) based in Chilaw, Sri-Lanka. This was founded back in 1997 and later became one of the most successful educational charities in Chilaw, Sri-Lanka.

Anura was the final stage Award Winner of Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) (Island Ranked First, Sri-Lanka, December 1999). He has also won the Island First Award for the subject of Financial Accountancy in AAT at the final stage. This was a tremendous achievement that shows his educational and professional capabilities as well as his skills and comprehensive knowledge, particularly in the field of finance.

Anura graduated B.B.Mgt (Acc) Sp Hons at the University of Kelaniya, Sri-Lanka and also holds an MBA (2010) from the University of Wales in the UK. He is a Member of Institute of Consulting (MIC) in the UK. Also he holds a postgraduate diploma in management studies in EDEXCEL.

Anura is a very enthusiastic individual with much dedication and desire to achieving and meeting the extreme levels of a given tasK, an individual who always gives his best effort and dedication to providing support, guidance and help individuals and businesses to achieve their target.

Tel: 07852 431430

Email: anura@agbusinesssolutions.co.uk