Innovation and creativity are two important terms which plays a strategic role in the corporate world today, with the intensive competition that has led along with the increased globalization. You must be wondering as to how to bring along both the concepts together. Well, it’s a very simple chemistry! Being innovative is to sketch out a product or service that builds a major need in the minds of the customer and highly differentiates with that of competitors. While, adding variety and bringing in the sharpened features of the innovation is being creative.

Is your organization innovative and creative enough to keep the phase going or are you in trouble? Have you experienced increased competition which has led you to incur huge losses and bad reputation since your product or service on offer is “outdated”? If yes, the following strategies might help you shift gears to accelerate faster.

  • Innovation and creativity is knowledge, read and watch extraordinary things that could create a whole difference to a particular industry or type of product. This helps you find the gap and cater in successfully.
  • Look at things in different angles, don’t have a single perception. Ideally it’s best to consult few peers before making a decision.
  • Give a break to your mind from heavy work that you are doing, engage with a few mind relaxing activities such as listening to a set of relaxing music and then get back to the task you were performing. This way it helps you perform your tasks better and benefits better decision making simply because you’re not stressed or tensed and your ideas will flow freely.
  • All problems have solutions; challenge is how to identify the real problem. Build patterns to solve it, helps you to walk closer to the solution faster.
  • Explore businesses and concepts your competitors have not explored, advantage for you is if you could create a need in the minds of the customer.
  • Brain storming is an ideal concept to use at the beginning of the process of being innovative and creative. Make sure you don’t come up with ideas in the middle of this simple process.