Social media is a very demanding means of connecting with people on a social note as its name implies, which have gone into one such means businesses use to connect with its customers. Social media have become such a needful marketing tool to advertise and also to sell goods and services. Today we see that people hang on social media than other means and therefore could be stated as the most effective means of bringing awareness about your business or products and services.

What’s interesting about social media is the number of social media platforms that have come into play, and thereby we see lots of competition in the market place. Facebook, Twitter could be denoted as the most common, apart from messaging platforms such as Whatsapp and Viber.


So let’s talk about one social media platform which your business could use to enhance the current image and sales you have – Twitter


  • Usage of an updated Twitter bio – Having an updated bio about what your business works around with a god ‘punch’ on the brand along with a link to your website, will simply give your target audience of what you do and what kind of products or services could the target audience buy from you and how. This basically helps answer some foundation questions, which could create a new page for your business.
  • Locate people among your target audience who could make a good influence – This becomes very important where you need to be with close contact almost every day. Twitter search tool will be the most useful in this case. Make a list and add them to your private Twitter list in order to engage with them regularly.
  • Regular Tweets – If you’re a person more used to Facebook, Tweeting is very much similar to updating a status on Facebook. Having regular tweets reminds customers of you and also keeps you going active and responsive, which aids is better running your business.