About Us

We are business consultancy services provider that offers efficient, effective, and practical business solutions to Commercial Enterprises, Private & Public Sector Organisations, and Business entities. We are a team of business experts offering services ranging from Business research, mentoring, Business development planning, Project Management, Business Advisory & support services.

We know how difficult it is to start up your own business. This is especially true to those who have the lack of the necessary experience and expertise in running a business. Beside from investing in the perennial business implements for your business operation, investing in people, run the business systems in a most efficient way is one of the few to be considered.

Our business consultancy services provide solutions to low-profit margins and increasing competitions in the market, amongst many others. We know how difficult it is to run and manage your own business. We understand the right strategic business plan will maximize your resources, increase your business capacity and higher our business profit margin.

We know that business growth and profitability is what you are working towards– but you can only achieve this main goal if you are willing to take on every step along the way.

With your corporate objectives broken down and worked on one at a time, you can achieve a collective success in your business management, to attain your ultimate goal. We address your business aspect individually, and then a holistic development that lead to sustainability and efficient functionality.

We offer business consultancy services that review your business needs, capacities, and limitations that prevent your business from growing. We tailor our consultancy services to the unique mechanics of your business operation.



To provide top high quality Business Management Consulting services that addresses our client’s issues to provide practical, innovative solutions, and guidance to be the best in their respective fields. We deliver superior results to the investment community through our expertise knowledge for the benefit of the community that we live in. A&G Business Solutions provide a supportive environment for all it’s employees to help work towards their personal and professional development, as we believe that keeping our people happy is an important part in creating excellent service to our clients.



To provide high quality innovative practical solutions to our clients in helping them to achieve their financial and business goals enabling them to be great performers in the long run, and to be the most trusted, respected professional services firm, recognised by our clients for delivering service excellence.


Values and ethics

Customer first – Creating “customer first culture” that helps to go beyond an extra mile to deliver delighted service experience to our clients.


  • Integrity – Doing the right thing regardless of the consequences
  • Accountability – Take responsibility for individual and collective actions.
  • Passion – We are inspired to make a lasting impact, our energy and enthusiasms are contagious.
  • Collaboration – We work together to achieve individual and collective goals.